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        篇名: 我院藥學科普視頻課件的開發與應用
        TITLE: Development and Application of Pharmacy Relevant Popular-science Video Courseware in Our Hospital
        摘要: 目的:為藥學科普視頻課件的開發與應用提供參考。方法:結合現階段慢病患者用藥存在的問題及用藥管理的關鍵點,確定本次科普主題、內容、形式,完成視頻拍攝制作,并進行宣傳推廣。采用問卷調查及統計我院藥學門診的接診情況,分析科普視頻的播出效果。結果:本科普視頻課件主題為藥師助力居家慢病患者自我用藥管理;結合世界衛生組織提出的用藥安全“五時刻”,確定科普內容為了解藥師、認識藥品、服用藥品、加用藥品、檢查藥品、停用藥品6個單元,采用PPT視頻講解形式;每單元平均時長約25min。第1單元視頻推出后2個月內,視頻總點擊量共計39327次。共發放調查問卷100份,回收97份(回收率為97.0%);其中80人(占82.5%)認為觀看視頻對其有幫助。第1單元視頻播出后2個月內,我院藥學門診接待量(1160人次)與去年同期的2個月(568人次)相比增長了104.2%,與播出前2個月(977人次)相比增長了18.7%;因觀看視頻知曉藥學門診前來咨詢的患者達99人次,掛號就診的患者中咨詢視頻課件示范演示及反復提及的藥物相關問題共占55.6%。結論:藥師以安全合理用藥為主旨進行科普視頻課件的開發是一項有益探索。增加病種范圍、定位于不同人群,或聚焦不同種類藥品并利用多種形式推廣,是今后藥學科普工作的嘗試方向。
        ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE:To provide reference for the development and application of pharmacy popular-science video courseware. METHODS :Combined with the problems existing in the medication of patients with chronic diseases at the present stage and the key points of medication management ,the theme ,content and form of this popular-science were determined ;the video shooting and production were completed ,and publicity and promotion were carried out. Questionnaire survey was conducted , and the reception of pharmacy outpatient service in our hospital was counted ;the broadcasting effects of popular-science video were analyzed. RESULTS :The theme of popular-science video courseware was determined to be self-medication management of patients with chronic diseases at home assisted by pharmacists. Combined with the “five moments ”of medication safety proposed by WHO , the content included six units as knowing pharmacists ,understanding drugs ,taking drugs ,adding drugs ,checking drugs ,and discontinuing drugs. PPT video was used to explain the contents of each unit ,with an average duration of about 25 min. After the first unit was launched ,a total of 39 327 hits were received within two months. A total of 100 questionnaires were sent out ,97 questionnaires were collected (recovery rate of 97.0%). Among them ,80(82.5%)thought it helpful to watch the video. Within two months after the broadcast of unit 1 video,the reception volume of pharmacy outpatient department of our hospital (1 160 person times )increased by 104.2% compared with the two months in the same period last year (568 person times ),and increased by 18.7% compared with the two months before the broadcast (977 person times );99 patients came to the pharmacy outpatient department to consult because of watching the video ,and 55.6% of the registered patients consulted the demonstration of video courseware and repeatedly mentioned related problems. CONCLUSIONS :It is a beneficial exploration for pharmacists to develop popular-science video courseware with the theme of safe and rational drug use. It is the direction for future work to increase the scope of disease types ,target different groups of people or focus on different types of drugs and promot them in various forms.
        期刊: 2021年第32卷第19期
        作者: 田璐璐,祝德秋,武丹,吳涓,錢石靜,李潔,亓展,童姍姍,宋丹騑,陳麗竹,張莎,陳蓓蕾
        AUTHORS: TIAN Lulu,ZHU Deqiu,WU Dan,WU Juan, QIAN Shijing,LI Jie,QI Zhan,TONG Shanshan,SONG Danfei,CHEN Lizhu,ZHANG Sha,CHEN Beilei
        關鍵字: 藥學;科普視頻;課件;慢病;自我用藥管理
        KEYWORDS: Pharmacy;Popular-science video ;Courseware;
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